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Laurent BERNARD, was born in Vendée in 1954.

It all started on a sunday in the late 80’s when, invited at a friend’s place, I discovered watercolor painting all over their walls. On that same day I discovered a skilled artist painter, who gave me a brush and three water colors.

This then I never stopped painting. As a self taught painter, I always thought I invented watercolor painting until I met Turner who introduced me to humility.So I had spent a lot of time ‘to outline’ and to make of the watercolor drawing in insolation. My eager to permanent challenge  opened my eyes on a universe which was nevertheless just behind my door.

Since, I am constantly seeking to learn, by the web, the meetings, visites to museums, so I ‘m able to I fill my lack of artistic culture »

Even if it’s important to me to meet and share things with people, I like the quiet of my studio. I also prefer  personal exhibitions than group exhibitions because it allows me a more complete reading of the art.

As for sports, I regret a little, with some nuances, the rush to get a price in exhibitions, neglecting remarkable people and works.

I practice other pictorial materials, but considering the watercolor, as I said, for me it is more a state of mind and the goal is the simplicity and modesty.